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BOHO Creations


My BOHO Creations
Spice Up Your Life

Browse original art pieces I make from hand each day. I keep several pieces in stock that’s quick to ship and quick to spice up your home with some BOHO Cowgirl flavor.

Custom BOHO Creations
Made Just For You

Searching for something custom? Have an idea for an art piece you can’t find anywhere else?

I’m here to help. Send me a message and we’ll work together to find your perfect, custom, art piece.

BOHO Your Life
Transform Your Home

BOHO Cowgirl is a way of life.

Renovate your home, and reimagine your way of living, with me to coach you to finding your own BOHO way of life.


What is BOHO Cowgirl?

BOHO Cowgirl defines a way of living for women that are both strong and soft.

We are both rough and rustic, as well as feminine and free.

We ride and we lead. We also feel deeply and live and love passionately.

That is the source of our freedom. It comes through in the space we live in and how we show up in our lives.


BOHO Inspirations

As an artist, I receive inspiration from people, places and things all around me. Maybe you’d like to see some of my latest sources of inspiration.


BOHO Thoughts

Interested in learning more about BOHO Cowgirl, or even staying up to date with what I’m working on? Follow my social media pages and blogs to see new thoughts, new art pieces, and new ways to redesign your lifestyle.


About Regina Raichart

Learn about Regina, what inspires her, and how she discovered a new way to let go and truly live one’s life.