I’ve always been a BOHO Cowgirl at heart, but sometimes life provides us the opportunity to (re)define who we are and clarify our desires. I found myself suddenly single again at 57 years old. Of course, I knew the physical space I lived in would need to change, but so did many other things in my life. I downsized from a 4000 sq ft home and now happily live in 950 sq feet. Everything in my space has to pass my three tests:

Do I need it?

Do I want it? And if I do,

Does it bring me joy?

If it doesn’t pass all three of these questions with a hell yes!, it doesn’t have a place in my home.

And if people and experiences don’t make me feel more alive, they don’t have a place in my life.

I’m clear about what’s truly important to me and how I want to feel as I move through my life.


Maybe you’ve also found yourself in the position of re-defining who you are and the space in which you live.

Maybe you’re, like me, recently divorced.

Maybe you’re widowed and trying to navigate life after your beloved is gone.

Being newly solo after many years is a portal into what’s next, but sometimes we can’t see where that portal will take us so we don’t enter it and remain stuck in a past existence that sadly, feels like it no longer fits.


Home is an important part of this transition. It is our grounding. When we feel at home (in our skin, in our life, in our physical space), we feel more inspired, more confident, more fearless. When we BOHO a custom space for you, we automatically BOHO your life.


BOHO Your Life

Each year, I work with only two women to help them create a home that honors the woman you are today…and who you’re becoming. Here’s how we’ll get there:

•First, I will guide you through the initial design process and help you get clear about what’s really important to you now.

•Then, I will connect you with a customer home builder that can build you the perfect home.

•From there, I will help you design every square foot so that when you walk through the door your heart exhales. Your soul whispers, “We’re home.”

•Plus, every one of the homes I design have a custom-designed piece of artwork by yours truly. This will be a one-of-a-kind piece that perfectly represents who you are and fits perfectly in the space.


This is 100% customized to your and your needs. It’s a long-term engagement and we’ll be working closely together.

If this speaks to you, let’s have a conversation to see if there’s a fit for us to work together. (insert email address)

This engagement begins at $50,000 (for up to a 3000 sq ft home).

We can also BoHo your existing space if that feels right to you. We can edit, distill, discern, customize, colorize, furnish it or just FUNky it up so it fits the evolving you. The you you’ve always been but maybe were afraid to let run free. The you that needed to be serious, accommodating or practical. Interested? Let’s discuss scope and make this happen for you.


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I’m ready to

BOHO My Life

Ready to dive in? Still not sure?

Send me an email below, I’m here to help no matter where you’re at.

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