Hi, I’m Regina.


My friends call me Reggie.

Personally I am….

My Truck.jpg

A woman who lives where you can hear coyotes singing at dawn, find mountain lion footprints in the wash behind my house, but be at a five-star restaurant or one of three country clubs within five minutes. 

•My first love is horses. You can often find me riding through the trails of the Sonoran desert and you might find me in the arena “cutting”. It’s a western riding sport where a highly trained saddle horse and it’s rider work together to separate one steer from a herd and are judged on their agility, partnership and skill. I think of it as dancing with steers.

•You can easily find me sweaty and dirty after a day of forging metal in the studio or hanging out in the hardware store. But you can just as readily find me in a restaurant, surrounded by good friends and a dirty martini in my hand.

•I’ve stripped away everything in my life that isn’t life affirming and brings me joy, so I’m now surrounded by the things and people I adore. I feel lighter…..gentler….more me and more free than ever.

Professionally I am…

•A former entrepreneur, running a multi-million dollar real estate business. That was fun.

•I’ve built and re-built custom homes and cabins – more than I can count. That was also fun.

•Now, I pursue my passions and share them with others. 

I’m an artist…

I’m a creator…

I’m a designer…

I’m having so much fun right now.